Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Disaster

Looks like this is the last post for my Japan study...

Due to the natural disaster and unreal destruction that happened in northern Japan, my family as well as my program felt it was best to leave Japan.

I was in Tokyo during the 9.0 earthquake that hit. Thank goodness I was in Tokyo and not any closer. Don't get me wrong, it was still amazingly strong and long lasting! At that time I was stuck on the 15th floor of a hotel in the center of Tokyo.

and like that wasn't enough, there were aftershocks every 15 minutes after!! Then every hour for the next day and the day after...and the day after! non-stop.

I was swaying for DAYS after. Its as if I had "sea legs" and was on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

In the past I have felt a 6.7 earthquake back home from the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, but NEVER had I gone through an earthquake this strong and long before...never.

At that time I didn't know the seriousness of the situation (the tsunami, the nuclear plant) until I got back to my room at 11pm and watched the news. (jaw drops)...

The most surreal experience for me was the morning after the earthquake. Business resumed and people were walking outside and taking trains (which just started working 6am that morning after a whole day of shut down). The sun was shining and I casually walked outside to check my surrounding area for damage. The only visible reminder of yesterday's nightmare was the convenient stores, shut down and COMPLETELY out of stock-- No food, no drinks. The night before EVERYONE ran to buy supplies. Other then that, nothing really.

Though life seemed normal in Tokyo, I knew that after what happened March 11, 2011 Japan would never be the same.

Though I was upset about leaving Japan, I now realize how lucky I was to get out. I got a plane ticket out of Japan before nuclear problems got worse. I was alive and I would soon be seeing my family again!! I could not ask for more.

Everyone in Japan had their own experience. Many up in Sendai and surrounding areas had horrendous stories and many deaths.

Japan was and is still suffering greatly, especially economically since people are not buying Japanese products and so many tourists and foreigners have left.

Please support Japan in any way you can! Lets show our aloha and kokua.

Keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers!...I know the people are strong and they will build a stronger better Japan.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are safe after the disaster. I was wondering how you were doing over there. You ready for our last year? See you in August! ;-) Justin