Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Layering of Clothes Begins...

Another week has passed and it is now NOVEMBER!! WOW. The weather was definitely showing signs of fall. SO COLD. Honestly I was not prepared for that. Thank goodness for UNIQLO! Everyone in Japan knows UNIQLO. It is known for its fairly cheap prices on great layers and basics that have Japan heat technology for the cold winter season. I got some wonderful basics there that will keep me alive ha. Love that store :) Talking about the weather, Saturday we had a typhoon warning. It did rain a lot and the winds were picking up...ahh scary.

Regardless, it was a fairly decent week. The grey weather made it hard to get up for class, plus I was quite tired :( A rough week for concentrating on studies, but I pulled through. As Friday came around, all us students were excited for the weekend...Halloween!! One of the international student circles had a party in Shinjuku Saturday night. I then went to a friends birthday and went to a club in Shinkiba. Amazing! I had a fun WONDERFUL Halloween!!! :D たのしかったね!The next day (actual Halloween) my host family had a small party at the house. The kids dressed up in the most adorable costumes and walked the town street for some goodies. We returned back to the house and started our Halloween meal. My host mom made some wonderful かぼちゃ,pumpkin, dishes and a variety of other Japanese dishes. So good! It was a nice time :) I was super tired though. Thank goodness I had a Monday やすみ!

Talking about today: It was one of those great days. I was super げんき and ready to go. I made it early to class, I learned a lot of Japanese today, I was focused in my classes and I was able to have clear thoughts and easy conversation. SWEET I love these days:D Today I left right after class around the early afternoon. This time of the day is awesome because there is not a lot of people but there are a lot of kids around, trying to get home after school. Kids are awesome for language interaction because some of them are not scared of the "ohh big がいじん” ha. I had an awesome short chat with an eight-year-old boy sitting next to me on the train home. He was soo awesome!

note: **When going abroad I would suggest 1) doing a home stay if you want to practice your language EVERY day. 2) make sure to have small kids because they break the initial social/cultural awkwardness and once they get to know you they will be awesome teachers. Funny thing I have actually learned more vocabulary, cultural interaction and social accepted practices from them than from Japanese class or teachers. They ask the embarrassing or silly questions, they make the mistakes and they like reenacting real life scenarios during play time. ( I literally learned what a point-card is from an お店 play time with the kids haha). Also their books are super great for learning what things are called and also for improving your reading skills. I think I definitely got schooled on some of the kanji I found in their books ha. Keep this in mind.

Until next time...when I have time to write....

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